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online tutoring for math and reading

We are established and experienced special education teachers, who are committed to tutoring individuals with varied abilities. As special education experts, our teaching methods and practices are designed to identify and address individual weaknesses and strengths. We have a team of dedicated teachers who are equipped to tutor students of all cultures, and thus we welcome and accommodate individuals of cross cultures and nationalities.

At Back To Basics with Special Educators, we believe and affirm strongly that in the true sense, there are no learning disabilities; that the gift of learning and comprehension is coherent with everyone, and can be utilized if properly harnessed. The individual’s ability may not change, but teaching methods and practices can be constantly modified to fit the need of each individual.

We have been certified by the New York State Education Department, and ASD certified. Our team has over 16 years of experience working with individuals with and without disabilities. We are committed to working with individuals on a one-to-one basis and in a group setting. We use platforms like ZOOM, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Nearpod, and Powerpoint. Students can have access to our wealth of learning resources and teaching materials. Our core values are growth, commitment, and excellence.

In addition to our comprehensive academic services, Back To Basics specializes in offering personalized online tutoring in math and reading. Whether tackling complex math concepts or refining reading comprehension, our dedicated team is committed to fostering a love for learning and academic success in every student. Join us on a journey where we go beyond traditional tutoring, unlocking the full potential in math and reading for individuals of all abilities.

online tutors for math and reading

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